Dog Shaped Holes – December Edit

This new edit reflects several timing changes, a revised score, and several background assets and animated loops.


Fire test!

Here’s a little flame test…

Quick Test

environment test with sound!

Style Test

I am already going to change some things but here is a new test…

Behind on Life!

Here is an updated animatic with semi-complete score, we will maybe retouch when there is complete (or at least more complete) animation… The animatic is not synced to the sound anymore but will be soon and I will post again when that time comes. I also have a few more things to post, all in due time! I also have yet to create my other sounds. A foley session is in my future! My composers, Alexis Marsh and Sam Jones, are quite wonderful to work with, they have a lovely new website:


Rough animatic with temp track. Music: “Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground” by the Asylum Street Spankers and “Had to Go” by the Heartless Bastards.

Color Design

The colors represent the girl’s essential emotions. The palette is gray in the beginning, growing lighter and lighter as she wanders among the sheets. In the surreal dog-world, everything is much more vibrant. The ending palette is simple, primary colors — representing calm, balance, and optimism. the Spirit Guide’s presence is represented throughout by a series of blue objects (the scissors, the boat, the campfire smoke and the stone).

Color Key

Color Key